Amelia Volumes

Amelia Volumes: Elevate your Mining Operations with AI

Transform aerial images into actionable insights and manage material stockpiles efficiently. Embrace the future of mining with technology that puts you ahead.

Amelia Volumes

Revolutionizing Mining with 3D Modeling and Volume Analysis

Introducing Amelia Volumes, the ultimate software solution designed specifically for the mining industry. With the power to transform aerial imagery into precise 3D models and volumetric data, Amelia Volumes streamlines the monitoring and management of material stockpiles.

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures accuracy, efficiency, and unparalleled ease of use, enabling mining professionals to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and enhance productivity.

Dive into the future of mining with Amelia Volumes, where advanced photogrammetry meets intuitive design.

What can Amelia Volumes do for you?

Unlock the potential of your mining operations.

3D Models and Orthophotos

Rapidly transform images into 3D models and orthophotos.

Automated Piles Detection

Efficient Detection of Material Piles with Automation

Volumetric Comparison

Precise Volumetric Analysis for Accurate Measurements

Pile Modification and Creation

Adjust and create pile data manually for operational control.

Pile Indicators Calculation

Calculate volume, area, height, and weight of piles.

Multiple Exportable Reports

Generate reports and data in CSV, LAS, OBJ, PLY and TIFF formats.

Reduce operational costs.

Advantages of Drone Box

Traditional Operations

Drone Box Operations

The future of inspections is here.

The best drone-automation technology ever designed.


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Amelia is a monitoring software that allows you to remotely schedule flights and visualise the inventory data workflows in real time.


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